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Roads Not Traveled by Ric J
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Ric J's Journey

Ric Johnson is Ric J. Ric has always been a nature lover and his photographic journey began as a result of years of traveling. Every chance he gets, Ric takes the opportunity to do what he loves most: traveling to out of the way places, hiking and experiencing nature like most people never dream.

Once he began taking his camera along on his adventures, Ric discovered his passion and talent for capturing on camera the intricate details and beauty in nature. With his keen eye and ability to frame uniquely the scenes mother nature has to offer, Ric hikes and climbs, far and wide, to get just the right angle for each shot. His creative and artistic genius shines through in each photo.

Ric is also an avid animal lover and known for his uncanny ability to draw wild animals near to him. He will often capture on camera the wildlife he encounters during his regular hiking adventures. Ric's ability to get up close and personal with animals creates some unique opportunities to capture wildlife in their own native habitats.

Oftentimes, Ric can be found in his off road Sportsmobile that helps him get to the Roads Not Traveled™. Taking his Sportsmobile as far as it will go, then taking the rest of the journey on foot, Ric takes you to the places you've never been. Follow his journey on Facebook or Twitter for news on his latest travels and newest photo releases.


Taking you to the places you’ve never been, Roads Not Traveled™ by Ric J will delight the nature and wildlife lover in you. Ric J travels to some out of the way places capturing the wonders of nature and wildlife like you’ve never seen. Take part in the journey: LIKE Roads Not Traveled™ by Ric J on Facebook and follow @RicJPhotography on Twitter.

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